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Excellent design and long lasting with high quality Product 

It is a next-generation carport that combines high wind resistance, a flat and neat design, and
high quality while greatly reducing construction time


Made in Japan

YKK AP carport product 100% made in Japan 

More than 1000++ household products other than aluminum window/door are locally produce in Japan to meet Japanese customer satisfaction for Japanese market. Efrouge FIRST Series carport/Cycle port is a reasonable in price but achieve great level of standard. Now it is arrived for Thai market in 9 choices.


Highly wind-resistant specifications provide

High grade material "Aluminum alloy extrusion" High strength with a single - sided support type, provides reliable performance with wind resistance of 42 m/s (in-house standard) and snow resistance equivalent to 25 cm. Worry-free without rust, no paint needed, easy to clean.


A high-design frame that goes up a notch.

A luxurious design with sharper and deeper ribs on the side frames. The shading brought by the ribs and the beauty of the wood laminate of the four-sided frame are featured in the "Efrouge Z FIRST High Design". It makes the garage space stand out.

A new sealing-less construction method

Sealing-less cap (Japan patented) reduces on-site sealing and construction time.


A universal carport that easily matches any car

EFrouge FIRST series has been developed for good performance, functionality, high quality and 5 more reasons why you should choose it. 

1. Long life 
2. Comforting design
3. Flexible fit
4. Usability
5. Finish quality

1. Long life 

YKK ap car port.png

Not only normal aluminum extrusion achieve the best in class quality.

From YKK AP's has produced a wide variety of aluminum products. By using T6 treated aluminum alloy for the columns and beams, we ensure reliable strength.

General carport parts use "T5 treatment" : cooled with air when extruding parts.



Air cool

Extruding Part

Air cool

Water cool

Extruding Part

EFrouge FIRST series use "T6 treatment" : when extruding parts, they are rapidly cooled with water to increase their strength.

*It used for columns and beams of the products that are particularly large and require high strength or that require strong wind and thick of snow resistance

2. Comforting design 


Design that fits your home.

Clean, simple, minimal design harmonizes easy with your home. A wide variety of colors, aluminum and wood tones coordinate with your home's sash, roof, entrance door and balcony.

Furthermore, transparent polycarbonate roof with UV and heat block while maintaining brightness for your space.

3. Flexible fit

Fit perfectly on site

Wide variety of product size can be fit in many different house pattern.

In the future, customization shape can be choose for additional area for bike, bicycle. It can create a custom layout for your convenience.


4. Usability


Not only for your car but also for your daily life

Your life will become more convenient with options such as beam extensions that can decorate the facade like a gate, delivery mail box, downlight, vertical mailbox, and functional intercom can be attached.

5. Finish quality

Quality with ease of construction

Through innovations in component design, manual processed such as sealing and parts installation at site are significantly reduced. It can be installed without advance skill person. And it still provide a reliable finish quality.


Models Car port


Special  price

※ All price are excluding VAT

Why? choosing YKK ap Carport


Efrough series is design for perfectly ease to use.

  •  Only two pillars on one side for getting on-off a car, distance of the pillars also matter for the most convenience. User can easily fully open the door without worrying about

easy open door.png

Rain draining system

  • short distance from side frame

  • Easy to remove dirt or leaves that get clogged in the gutter

  • OPTIONAL: net over rain gutter is available 

  • Veritical gutter drain at lower part has 80 degree elbow for smoother water flow.

Special rain gutter shape

Less noise from roofing

Color Variation

Not only Four basic colors : brown, calm black, platinum silver and pure silver but also four wood-tone line colors for inner side frame (four-sided frame) as an option.


Inner side frame color [Optional]※

Extra for only 2000- . Additional inner frame wood trim in 4 choices   ※need to wait order up to 4 months


Sample use

Roof material

roof color.png


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